1. Breeding Chaos
2. Creator of Disease
3. Stupid Worthless Sheep
4. Doubting Your Worth
5. We Are 138 (Misfits cover)

You know I hate your kind, more every day
No peace I‘ll ever find, it’s time to pay
I am a Misanthrope, I have no God
Weak lambs, weak fucking germs
World full of stains
My prison was this world, I chose to stay
Destroy the human race, and burn this place
Destroy the human race, it’s time to pay

Religious cunts and prays, world full of stains
Why can’t you realize, you’re just a shame
Why can’t you fucking die and stop the pain
Dreaming the end of the masses, freedom from conflicts
Dreaming the end of the masses, freedom from suffering
Bastard sons, born by whores
With no father, with no pride
I will bring chaos
I will bring death
Destroy the human race
This is Wrath’s divine face